Paintings and Drawings by the Boston Artist

Artist’s Statement

When I grow up, I want to be Milton Avery.  For a while I thought it was Pierre Bonnard – how can you not love his little dog – but in my fickleness I turned to Milton.  On dark days I would consider a fling with Edvouard Munch.  So satisfyingly bleak; each stroke expressive and textured.  Gabriele Munter, too, a strong painter who loves color and whose “Breakfast of The Birds” is particularly poetic at the same time, bold – she teaches me.  With all these artists, it is their  elegant shapes with gorgeous surfaces that I aspire to.   And then there’s Arthur Dove….the list goes on and on.

For the present, I am simply painting whatever touches me in some way:  An interesting moment (Picnic, Nellie’s Farmhouse at Night, Naptime at the BPL);  shapes that resonate (Next Door, Rooftop Traffic North and South, Three Doors);  a moment with emotional resonance  (My Brother, Jenna’s Flowers, Uneasy Rest).  I am fascinated,  too, looking through from one plane to another, from inside to outside, from this place to that place (Farm Kitchen, Arizona Mountain, The Parlor). 

The more I paint, the more I learn and the more interesting I find my work becomes.  I hope I get to paint long enough to break through to new discoveries.  Come to think of it, it is all new discoveries, every stroke of the brush.